Brussels – Bruges Camino Synchronicity – Meg Holmes

  The Camino called to me and made its invitation through many connected SYNCHRONISTIC events and experiences no matter where I was in the world.  At first it whispered its invitation and then the calling grew louder and louder till I was not able to resist it any longer.  Even in times of experiencing Santiago […]

Opportunity To Help The Cathedral

  The Camino inspires many things and one most important is the spirit of giving, charity and philanthropy.  To share and participate in something special helps to grow our hearts and spirits.  The Camino has touched all of our lives in very unique and wonderful ways encouraging a the spirit of giving to continue all […]

CCAMINA Coaching – Cocktail – Lunch For Pilgrims

The Camino brings our spirits a new experience and adventure one that begins when we even contemplate the journey, it grows as we anticipate the experience, and begin to connect with a different part of ourselves.  As we Camino we immerse our whole “being” into the sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, and emotions that make up […]

Templar Festival In Ponferrada

When you are on the Camino one of the wonderful experiences and pleasant surprises is to arrive in a city full of celebration and to take part in the ancient traditions of the area sharing the festival with locals.  A wonderful way to add special memories to your Camino experience and journey! Ponferrada was full […]

Camino Guides Our Spirits

The Camino called each one of us in a very specific and unique way.  For me it was and has been a never ending series of synchronistic experiences around the world.  No matter where I was or where I traveled some how the Camino and Spain kept calling me.  It was truly opening up and […]

Rexistro Km 0 Santiago – Thomas Travels The Camino

  German and I had two fantastic days in the Parador Santiago de Compostela capturing the faces and stories of the pilgrims’ as they arrived Km 0 Santiago, during the Rexistro 108 Vilei Exhibition in the Cloister San Marcos. It was very special to meet more of the pilgrims’ and hear their stories. Thomas from […]