Camino Guides Our Spirits


The Camino called each one of us in a very specific and unique way.  For me it was and has been a never ending series of synchronistic experiences around the world.  No matter where I was or where I traveled some how the Camino and Spain kept calling me.  It was truly opening up and following my inner spirits guidance that new doors opened.  That journey still continues and who knows where it will lead.

I will begin to post and share people’s SYNCHRONISTIC experiences to the Camino and would love to share yours.  Please email me at and send a picture of yourself in your life at home and on the camino – and if you are planning your first camino please send a photo of you in your life in your hometown and what inspired you to share in the camino adventure.

Thank you for sharing your stories!!!!!

Thank you to Silvia Bollinger & The Abundance Course’s Photo – for an inspiring picture!!!

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