Camino Rexistros


Creative Photography Project: German Limeres

Documenting the pilgrims along the French Camino in the historic village of Vilei (Barbadelo) just 3 km from his hometown of Sarria. German began documenting the faces of the pilgrims from around the world in the summer of 2011.

Join as we meet the pilgrims as they participate in a very unique and special experience in the camino 2013, 2014, 2015…

German Limeres

Photographer Museo de Lugo 20 Years

Professor of Photography Courses & Workshops

Created Publications, Catalogs, Books, Magazines & Special Exhibitions: Photography, History, Culture & Travel

Specialist in Gastronomy Photography, Advertising, Reporting, & Art Reproduction

Creator Of Camino Rexistros – Gastro Rexistros, resistor 108 vilei, km 0 santiago

Discover Galicia Book & Travel Series: Gastronomy, Wine, Landscapes & Travel

The Way Camino de Santiago Specialty Travel Experiences On The Camino

Education: University Diploma Technician In Art Photography And Kodak Master Series University Diploma Tourism

Resides: Lugo, Spain Born: Bern, Switzerland

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