Your Soaring Phoenix – Spiritual Journeys On Physical Paths

Your Soaring Phoenix – Mary O’Maley & Dr. Carol Francis  

Profound Tools For Spiritual Ascension With 26 Spiritual Teachers

Chapter 33: Spiritual Journeys On Physical Paths: The Camino and Synchronicity – Susan Mann

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It was an honor and a privilege to be asked by Dr. Carol Francis to write a chapter on SYNCHRONICITY sharing some of my thoughts, feelings and experiences related to the CAMINO for her latest book Your Soaring Phoenix with Mary O’Maley for which I am forever grateful.  As many of you may know it has been years of incredible “coincidences” or as I call it synchronicity that brought The Way of St. James into my life and no matter where I was in the world the Camino kept calling me. I have done my best to answer its call and fully immerse myself in the experience of the camino and what it means to live a life of pilgrimage. Having left all that I used to know to do my best to embrace the unknown following the signs no matter where they may lead.

It has been one of the most amazing adventures of my life that continues to surprise, delight, and encourage me to face my fears, grow, and take steps forward following this path to see what I will experience, learn, and discover. I am forever grateful to my loving family, friends and fellow pilgrims who continue to support, inspire me and share this journey with me as it continues to unfold.

“Susan Mann has a unique talent by being able to share such an intimate experience with the world through her words. Like many of us, Mann innocently traveled to Spain without expectations to walk the Camino de Santiago. We all have a unique experience on this path and Susan’s journey did not end at the steps of the Cathedral. Instead, her transformation continues as she never left Spain and continues to devour the experience on a daily basis. The Way puts many people outside of their comfort zones and Mann stayed there to imbibe the lessons. I am looking forward to her future missives about this incredible trail. – Kurt Koontz A Million Steps

Kurt Koontz a friend, fellow pilgrim and author of A Million Steps has been an inspiration and I appreciate his continued support and encouragement as I begin to write down the story of my synchronistic adventure. Thank you Kurt for your friendship and for your very kind and thoughtful review.

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Your Soaring Phoenix – Profound Tools for Spiritual Ascension With 26 Spiritual Teachers by Mary O’Maley & Dr. Carol Francis

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  1. Susan, lovely to read your post. I often wonder if the “synchronicities” in my life, like the one that led me to the Camino (at exactly the right time), are lovely coincidences or Divine intervention. In fact, I have a blog post under way on that very topic. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more about your personal journey, particularly the details of your life in Galicia…

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