Buried Treasures Along The Camino – Robert

Sharing special times with pilgrims in Santiago de Compostela is always a very wonderful experience for me.  Hearing of their journey and some of the “what”, “why”, and “how” of each persons camino adventure inspires.  Summer has gone by fast but many more incredible camino connections and such was the case on August 23rd when I arrived Santiago to get my “compostelana” on my Mother’s 80th Birthday.  Enjoying time with Christine and Eric who made the almost 2 hour line go quickly as they shared with me a little of their camino travels and some of those of whom they had spent special time together. One of their pilgrim friends was Robert who had made his second 800 KM trek for a very personal reason. I hope you will enjoy hearing in Robert’s own words his Camino Treasures 🙂

Thank you to Christine, Eric and Robert for sharing some very special time together on a very special day for me – Bo Camiño!

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