Moved To Meditate – The Winter Way

I stare out at the beauty before me – it surrounds me totally – I am fixed on it and am almost incapable of moving. What I am moved to do is Meditate. To reflect on what is all around me. Immense beauty. Incredible scenery. Peaceful in its presentation and complete in its beauty. Ever slightly changing it keeps me in a trance wanting to soak up more of it. To see and experience its every detail. From the smallest change in color reflecting its image in the river below just like a mirror. Stillness and silence surround me as it draws me in deeper and deeper into its mystery. It is like LIQUID PEACE as if someone has turned on a firehouse of calmness and tranquility. The whole vista or view is embracing me in a hug of its love and beauty. I feel at one with nature and all of the world. I stare with amazement and awe at a hawk as it flies over head. Circling and circling – gliding – riding on the wind which is still and unseen but powerful enough to help the hawk soar effortlessly above flying as one with its surrounding.

Everything seems more colorful and alive and yet completely still. This lasted for what seemed like hours. It makes me realize more intimately the connection that all of nature has with itself. So subtle and always inviting in its calmness. I don’t want to take my eyes off it. I want to discover more and more its deeper secrets. Its beauty that lay before me open for all to see and for me to experience on another level. For I have been here many times always appreciating and enjoying its magic, mystery and pureness of spirit but now in the complete calmness of being all alone what will I experience and discover that was right before me like an invitation to know it more intensely and I know it is also inviting me to know myself in a new way. Inviting me to open to more love, release old fears, to surrender to what the universe can only know in its divine wisdom. This heart and spirit that knows not only what is best for us but how to heal all things in this life and in the past.

The patterns change ever so slightly on the river below me and the picture remains outstandingly beautiful. How can it be that I am watching so intently every second but so much transforms before me in the stillness and silence that only the wind in the trees and the sounds of the birds occasionally add to the music that I am witnessing. The stillness ever so alive, and ever changing in each moment that only draws me deeper and deeper into its mystery. I am mesmerized, touched, and Moved to Meditate 🙂

For if this is what so many have said is the power, magic and healing of meditation I have a new understanding for I am almost incapable of any thought other than to describe its beauty.

The church bells begin to chime sounding out a beautiful song and with each bell chimes 5 times anchoring in a reminder of our 5 senses only adding to the beauty of the moment echoing across the valley and the mountains that embrace the river below as it makes its winding trail before me. I feel nature has talked to me and that I have listened in a new way which I only hope will grow stronger and deeper with each passing moment.

I sit, reflect and feel at peace still in awe of the beauty before me.

Incapable of usual thoughts I feel at one with the universe and all the beauty God has created !!!!

A very special thank you to my friends Lucie and Kaj Christensen for inviting me to share in a very special experience in enjoying their incredible Oasis Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural in Ribeira Sacra to begin writing my synchronistic journey – Bo Camiño – Beyond Coincidence – My Spanish Trails Of Synchronicity – that brought the camino into my life and led me to live in Galicia.

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