A love of people, cultural exploration, travel and adventure has led to one of the most memorable and transforming experiences of my life. From what seemed to be two interesting trips to Bangkok, Thailand, one in the year 2004 in November and December, just before the tsunami, and then in early part of 2005 just after the tsunami, would be the beginning of a series of events that are still unfolding today.

I would never have guessed that on the plane ride to Bangkok in 2005 when I spoke to one man on the plane whose name is Robert MADRID that I would experience for the last 8 years a series of Synchronistic events connected to El Camino de Santiago, Galicia and Spain.

One year later, in 2006, when a new friend from Thailand, Kevin Reilly who was introduced to me by Robert Madrid, flew to Los Angeles and on his drive down the coast he decided to stop at a library and bought for me a very special book as a gift that has forever changed the course of my life.  The book was by Shirley MacLaine titled “The Camino – A Journey Of The Spirit”.

Global Pilgrims is blog where I will share some of my wonderful Synchronistic experiences along with fellow pilgrims of the “What”, “Why”, and “How” the Camino has touched and transformed our lives.

I am excited to hear your stories and learn of the synchronistic connections that the Camino has brought into your lives. As they say “once you camino your life will never be the same, as well as, once you finish the camino your real camino begins”.

With every good wish!

Smiles From The Camino,

susan r mann





Bo Camiño Taste It!!

Samos Monastery:
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Rexistro 108 Vilei Exhibition Video:


Background: Marketing Strategist, Producer, Explorer; Independent Film Finance & Distribution; Luxury Magazine Publication; High Technology Operations & Business Development Specializing In Hardware, Software And Oracle Solutions For Government & Corporate Accounts; Cultural Exploration & Philanthropy.

Along THE WAY Documentary Sharing The “What”, “Why”, And “How” The Camino Has Touched And Transformed The Lives Of People From Around The World.

Discover Galicia Book & Travel Series: Gastronomy, Wine, Landscapes And Travel: http://www.gastrocamino.com

The Way Tours.com: Camino De Santiago Specialty Travel Experiences On The Camino

Education: Bachelor Of Arts Degree – Double Major: Business Administration & Psychology; Triple Concentration: Sales & Marketing, International Business, And Advertising


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  1. Wow – sounds like a great blog you have here! We are currently on the Camino… in Sarria now before the last bit and we have had such an extraordinary experience – we want the Camino to live on well into our lives…. so it is a blessing to read you write that “the real camino” is yet to come for us 🙂

  2. Oh and by the way… we met a fellow pilgrim who said to us, “There are no such things as coincidences…” and another who said to us, “You don’t choose to do the Camino. It chooses you!” So along with your ” a series of synchronistic events”, we will be going home with a different outlook on our experience on the Camino to what it was when we first started 🙂

  3. Susan, I too, love hearing about what brought the Camino into people’s lives, and about how it transformed and continues to transform their lives. The story of how I came to walk the Camino Francés this summer can be accessed via the link to my site, Sometimes She Travels. Thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂

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