You Can See It In Their Eyes & Smiles

  As we prepare for German’s Rexistro 108 Vilei Exhibition in the Parador, June 5, 2013 at 7 PM – I have been thinking of my time meetings pilgrims and hearing their stories.  I am always captivated and moved by the intense sharing of their thoughts, feelings and reflections on the Camino and what they […]

Camino Connects Hearts

There is something in a special look and embrace – more than words could ever express.  We know it when we see it how powerfully moving and captivating it is to witness and experience.  The Camino brings many moments that forever change ones heart – ones soul – your SPIRIT feels reborn and believes again […]

¡Buen Camino! Documentary¡

  Every story is inspiring – every story will touch you in some unique way – every story will invite you to come and experience the CAMINO for yourself. ¡Buen Camino! 6 pilgrims, thousand anecdotes. The Camino Documentary trailer. Premiere on 6 June at 20 h. in the main theater, in Santiago de Compostela.

Nature Shows Us GOD’s Beauty Everywhere

For me the Camino has been many Incredible things but one that started this incredible Journey and continues are the many Synchronistic Signs that show themselves in all different ways.  It makes each day a special Treasure Hunt looking at nature and experiencing life in a more connected and special way.  Have FUN looking for […]

Path Paved With Poppies – Celebrating Freedom!

  In Celebrating Memorial Day and reflecting on my Camino this time last year there are many words that come to mind – GRATITUDE – PEACE – TRANQUILITY – NATURE’S BEAUTY – FAMILY & FRIENDSHIP – and much more but one word that provides the opportunity to feel those other emotions and to truly CELEBRATE […]

Camino Provides A Unique Space For Thinking & Creating

The Camino provides a unique space to stop learning from our regular patterns of behaviors. We are out of our normal element and have time to reflect to open up to thinking about life in a truly different and unique way.  Jacob Barnett, now 14 year old prodigy, with an IQ  higher than Einstein shares […]

Nature Is Art

  One of the incredible gifts of the Camino is being surrounded by nature.  Long stretches of nature completely enveloping you in an embrace that is captivating.  From mountains, forest, valleys, rivers and streams, fresh country gardens and animals soaking up the rain or basking in the sunshine it is a powerful experience and everywhere […]

Camino Provides Clarity

  The CAMINO provides many gifts – the journey – the experience – the bonding of friendships – the DREAMING and CREATING of new life desires and purposes and much – MUCH – MORE! The Camino is the perfect combination of time with self, time with others, and our bonding with NATURE! Wishing everyone a […]

O Beiro Vinoteca – Many Special Camino Celebrations!

  The Camino has brought many special people into my life and helped to create many wonderful memories.  There is so much to celebrate about the CAMINO – the strength of our spirit to go on a new adventure, the greeting and meeting of people from so many cultures around the world sharing in special […]