Rexistro Km 0 Santiago – Peregrinos Photos & Video July 2, 2013

  We are very grateful to the Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos and the Director Julio Castro Marcote for inviting us to create in the Parador Rexistro Km 0 Santiago documenting through photography and video the faces and stories of the Global Pilgrims’ as they arrive Santiago de Compostela and celebrate their Camino Journey Experience! […]

Bonfires of San Juan Along The Camino

  Picture this MAGNIFIED by MANY – this weekend the Festival of San Juan will be celebrated June 23 and the beach will be all Campfires and LIGHT. People will come from all over to many of the towns and villages in Galicia. One famous town for the festival is A Caruna where the night […]

Cospeito – Another CAMINO Primitivo Adventure

  Galicia is a land of many CAMINOS – anywhere and everywhere there is a little village or town inviting you to visit and DISCOVER.  Discover and enjoy its history, culture, art, architecture, and beautiful landscapes.  You will always enjoy and be surprised with something beautiful, unique and NEW! Pazo de Sistallo – Castelo do […]

Compostela – Field Of Stars & Earth Gazing

  COMPOSTELA -we know translates to Field of Stars symbolizing the ancient pilgrims journey as they made their adventure under The Milky Way.  The Camino provides TIME and SPACE for contemplating life.  Stepping out of our normal routines and life habits and becoming EXPLORERS of ourselves and our world.  I hope that you will enjoy […]

Camino Strengthens Faith

    The Camino calls people from all walks of life from all around the world.  No matter your background there is a spiritual calling to the Camino that shows its self through the people who come -as they walk, bike or horseback ride.  Travelers, Explorers, Adventurers of the SPIRIT! It is said Seek and […]

Pamplona Alive With Festival COLOR!

  Ancient TRADITIONS are Alive with FESTIVAL COLOR! You can hear the music, fireworks and the the sounds of people cheering as the celebrate in true Pamplona Style!  A feast for the eyes and the Camino PILGRIM Soul! Thank you to Jesus M Garzaron for your fantastic picture and to Narvarvip Traslados for your Facebook […]

The Camino Brings Out The Child In All Of Us

  The CAMINO inspires a spirit of Adventure, Discovery and WONDER.  A feeling that all things are possible. Inviting us to be in a more constant state of Love, Joy, Creativity and HAPPINESS! A sense of ANTICIPATION, APPRECIATION  and GRATITUDE  – especially to our spirit for answering the Camino’s Call! Thank you to Tammy Cunningham […]

Vilar Da Donas – el camino francés

  A very special place along the French Way is to make a stop and enjoy some time at the ancient 12th century Romanesque church of Vilar da Donas, in Palas de Rei, which was linked to the famous “The Way Guardians”  – Order of the Santiago Knights.    “The church of Vilar de Donas is a temple of […]

Camino Norte – A Special Art Treasure!

  Along the Northern Way of the Camino in the town of Baamonde a wonderful little village with a famous history and Galician Sculptor – Victor Corral.  It was a very special day and wonderful adventure with my friend Marisa Granda Escudero who took me to this village and to meet this very kind and […]