Vilar Da Donas – el camino francés



A very special place along the French Way is to make a stop and enjoy some time at the ancient 12th century Romanesque church of Vilar da Donas, in Palas de Rei, which was linked to the famous “The Way Guardians”  – Order of the Santiago Knights. 


“The church of Vilar de Donas is a temple of worship catholic , located in the town of Palas de Rey ( Lugo Province , Spain ), by walking the French Way to Santiago . It is a construction of the mid-twelfth century, originally as a church monastic . The foundation of the monastery in the tradition attributed to some women, represented in paintings Gothic chapel, although historical documents state that its foundation made ​​Arias Perez de Monterroso .

Church is linked to the famous Order of the Knights of Santiago and the Templars, even in this church was the burial place of important personalities of this order. This church is considered aCultural Property since 1931 , in the catalog of historic heritage monuments in Spain – Wikipedia (translated from spanish)

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