The Legend Of The Pilgrim Shadow

La Leyenda de la Sombra del Peregrino The legends, myths and unique history to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela are many. Just like an onion as you keep peeling more is revealed.  Each area, every route of the Camino, and every century layer upon layer you can keep discovering different aspects through its many […]

Xornadas Castrexas In Cambre – Near The English WAY

  A little historical Castrexo Connection Conference in Cambre.  Just 69 KM from Santiago de Compostlea and 15 KM from Betanzos on  The English Camino they will be discussing history and culture of the region as experienced through some of the first people to inhabit the area known as Castrexos. Long before the pilgrims came […]

Azabache – “The magic stone of the Road”

  There are many familiar sites that one enjoys when spending time in Santiago de Compostela.  Walking the historic streets in the old city one strolls past restaurants, bars, and stores windows displaying this traditional and beautiful Azabache art, crafts and jewelry.  It adds to the setting to learn of the ancient craft.Azabache – “Black […]

Light Show & Fireworks Celebrations!

  It is a very special time in Santiago de Compostela as the city prepares for the Fiestas del Apostol. A city that is already full of activities and energy of pilgrims’ arriving will share in wonderful festivities, one of which is the St. James Light Show & Fireworks Event. July 24 at Midnight Celebrating […]

Bonfires of San Juan Along The Camino

  Picture this MAGNIFIED by MANY – this weekend the Festival of San Juan will be celebrated June 23 and the beach will be all Campfires and LIGHT. People will come from all over to many of the towns and villages in Galicia. One famous town for the festival is A Caruna where the night […]

Vilar Da Donas – el camino francés

  A very special place along the French Way is to make a stop and enjoy some time at the ancient 12th century Romanesque church of Vilar da Donas, in Palas de Rei, which was linked to the famous “The Way Guardians”  – Order of the Santiago Knights.    “The church of Vilar de Donas is a temple of […]

Camino Norte – A Special Art Treasure!

  Along the Northern Way of the Camino in the town of Baamonde a wonderful little village with a famous history and Galician Sculptor – Victor Corral.  It was a very special day and wonderful adventure with my friend Marisa Granda Escudero who took me to this village and to meet this very kind and […]

Prince of Japan & Paulo Coelho – Santiago Is Alive With Extra Special Events

Video: Interview of Aser Alvarez – Parador – Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos – Santiago de Compostela Summer is always extra special in Santiago as more pilgrims are making their way along the CAMINO! This summer two extra special PEREGRINOS are enjoying time in Santiago de Compostela.  The Prince of Japan and Paulo Coelho are revisiting […]

Paulo Coelho – Celebrating the CAMINO & His Life

It is a very special time along the CAMINO in Galicia – Paulo Coelho is celebrating and sharing stories about his life through a new movie that is being made.  Something for us to look forward to enjoying – we know it will be a special and INSPIRING JOURNEY! “There is currently a movie about […]

Travel Back In Time – Arde Lucus Roman Festival – Lugo!

  They say a picture is worth a THOUSAND Words – in this case German Limreres’s picture takes us back 1,000 years and more! German Limeres was very busy this weekend taking pictures for the 1st Edition Arde Lucus Roman Festival Book  a creative project that German and his colleague Pablo Lopez Marquez began in […]