The Camino, Life & Art – Gabriela Quiroz

“The word pilgrimage comes from the Latin word peregrinus, which means a person wandering the earth in exile, someone in search of a spiritual homeland.” -Ian Cron Chasing Francis Gabriela Quiroz and I shared some special time talking of her unique pilgrimage experience as she made the journey with her  Travel Light Film companions, Lindsay Thompson, Lauren Martinez, […]

“One Step At A Time” – Tara & Mick

CAMINO MEMORIES & NEW BEGINNINGS!  Thank you Tara & Nick for sharing some of your camino reflections from 2011 as your journey has continued your memories and experiences of your adventure will inspire others! Yes, just like my first blog post sharing your adventures was called The SMILES Say It All – that’s for sure!!!!! Memories […]

Castles, Monasteries & Cathedrals – Adria Lopez

What do you get when you mix a passion for discovery, ancient historical monuments, and the inspiration of a 14 year old boy named Adria Lopez? You get an incredibly creative and educational website that will delight and invite you to explore and discover more of Spain’s treasured culture, history, and amazing beauty. Adria Lopez […]

Barefooting The Camino – Sue Regan Kenney

The camino inspires in so many ways and one never knows what all will come from this ancient, magical, and treasured pilgrim path.  For Sue Regan Kenney the camino has been a passion for years  before its recent “renaissance” explosion that is taking place around the world.  Inspired by her experience Sue has been on […]

It Was All About The Journey – Bob Watt

The camino holds a very special place in the heart of every pilgrim.  Each journey is truly personal, equally significant, and life transforming but in some way we all share in the collective spirit that is the true heart of the camino. For Bob Watt, traveling with his fellow pilgrim and australian friend Chrys Warren, […]

A New Camino Keepsake

Each kilometer walked holds a special memory.  Beautiful scenery, interesting people, monuments that have marked the centuries welcome you as you pass by, all adding to your journey inviting you to reflect on life and inspire you to feel more, open up to the new that is meant for you.  No matter how far you […]

Experiencing True Happiness On The Camino – Elke Wehinger

I am always captivated by each pilgrim’s story – the what, why, and how of their journey – most of all the expression of their feelings and the meaning of the camino for them personally.  Elke Wehinger from Vancouver, Canada, shared with us upon her arrival to Santiago de Compostela some of what the camino […]

A Million Steps – More Camino Connections!

  To my wonderful delight and surprise there have been many fantastic blessings in reading Kurt Koontz’s incredible camino story as told through his book A Million Steps.  I know for sure that in reading this inspiring book that I will continue to experience more of my wonderful “signs’ and “connections” – A Million SYCNRONICITIES […]