The Camino Of Life Inspires CREATIVITY & ART

The Camino is a transformational journey and inspires us in so many ways.  The Camino is also a powerful METAPHOR of the Camino of our LIVES.  The Camino provides a space for introspection, for personal development, for friendship, for DISCOVERY, and for CREATIVITY.  Also, if we let it can guide us to new creations in […]

Thank You Christina Oiticica & Paulo Coelho

It is SYNCHRONICITY or COINCIDENCE that brought the Camino and now living in Galicia, Spain into my life.  I would never have guessed the interesting connections and twists this journey has taken – that is still unfolding today.  Who knows where it will lead but I am very grateful to all who have been a […]

International Friendship Day & The Camino

There is a spirit of FRIENDSHIP on the Camino that makes special bonds between people.  A human connection that sometimes builds quickly and is deep and lasting or is meant for the time of the Camino and touches our hearts, minds and spirits in a special way that will remain with us no matter how […]


The Camino Always Provides!!!  It was a very special day for me where synchronicity that had begun just a couple days before when stopping at a mountain top albergue, just outside of O Cebreiro in Galicia, an albergue I had never been to before brought another wonderful Camino Connection and experience. I noticed that like […]

Fresh Fish Along Camino Del Norte

  When enjoying Galicia and the Camino one of the very special pleasures is to see how locals enjoy the beauty of their country.  The special traditions that are alive in every city, town and village.  It has been a wonderful experience living in Galicia and always another day of discovery and adventure learning more […]

The Botafumeiro – Fridays 7:30 pm

  To experience the Botafumeiro in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral is something that fills you with emotion.  Emotions that range from a sense of awe and wonder to smiles, tears of gratitude and joy and so much more. Every experience is unique and inspiring encouraging you again and again to witness it and reflect on […]