Beata Walks In Fields of Wine – Almost Time For Harvest

  End of Summer Sunshine and SMILES in Fields of Wine!  It is almost time for harvest and you can see the beauty of nature’s hard work bringing smiles to all.  Beata Moritz is enjoying another incredibly special Camino and you can see her heart and hands are full of some very wonderful  and memorable […]

BLUE MOON – Have Fun Wishing On The Stars & Moon Tonight

There is something inspiring at witnessing the nights sky and a FULL MOON shining on us brightly.  You can feel the magic of the ages and a connection with Mother Nature that comes to life during this very special time.  Enjoy today and the BLUE MOON as it blesses us – have fun looking up […]

Cave of Altamira – Camino Norte

The Camino encourages a Spirit of Discovery.  Experiencing any of the Camino trails to Santiago de Compostela one is immersed in culture, history and traditions that leads us on a continued journey of discovery.  It is exciting and magical to learn more whether your pilgrimage travel interest includes history, art, architecture, gastronomy, festivals, wine or […]

Mother & Daughter Camino – Grazyna & Beata

It is always a very special experience for me to hear of pilgrims stories – the WHY’s, WHAT’s, WHEN & HOW’s of their Camino Journey.  I am always touched, moved and grateful for the sharing that occurs as it is inspiring and continually transformational. It was a wonderful surprise to receive Beata Moritz’s email as […]

Cigüeña’s Along The Camino

Seeing Cigüeña’s, Storks, Along The Camino is a very unique and interesting experience.  I remember as I first began to see from a distance large nests on top of light posts and churches that made me wonder what could that be.  My friends quickly educated me on the cigüeña’s or storks that make these high locations […]

Muchisimas Gracias Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos

German Limeres and I would like to thank everyone that made this years Rexistro 108 Vilei Global Pilgrims’ Photography & Video Exhibition in Santiago de Compostela possible.  A very special thank you to Julio Castro Marcote, Director of Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos, for making the exhibition this June and July 2013 available to share […]

40 Shades Of Green – Sylvie Sims Shares Camino In Ireland

  When I heard my Camino Friend Sylvie say “40 SHADES OF GREEN” a wonderful feeling came over me.  Beautiful images filled my mind and my spirit was swept away with all the wonderful possibilities of a magical adventure.  I wanted to learn more and see what the 40 Shades Of Green is like.  This […]