A Little Galician Gaita Music To Inspire A Camino Spirit

The music of Galicia is inspiring and blends ancient cultures and historic traditions. The Galician Gaita – bagpipe – immediately makes you feel like a “time traveler” and your mind is filled with many beautiful images of nature, magical forests, town festivals and so much more.  As you listen it makes you want to dance […]

Paulo Coelho – Celebrating the CAMINO & His Life

It is a very special time along the CAMINO in Galicia – Paulo Coelho is celebrating and sharing stories about his life through a new movie that is being made.  Something for us to look forward to enjoying – we know it will be a special and INSPIRING JOURNEY! “There is currently a movie about […]

Prince of Japan – Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Thank you Wika Grgrzc and Compostela En La Onda for your post- Google Translate: “IMPERIAL HOUSE OF JAPAN-VISIT Crown Prince Naruhito SANTIAGO DE Compostela. Prince Naruhito ATTEND A CONCERT OF CARLOS NUNEZ AND MINE KAWAKAMI IN THE CATHEDRAL OF SANTIAGO. CONCERT GAITA, PIANO AND SHELLS VIEIRA As a finishing touch to your bridal, Naruhito attended […]

Almost ARDE LUCUS Festival Time!

It is almost time for the historic celebration of the city LUGO and the festival known as ARDE LUCUS.  The city will be alive with FESTIVITIES and people in Celtic, Castrexo and Roman Costumes, music, ancient traditional open air market, arts & crafts, delicious food and wine and of course some 150 exciting events that […]

Camino Journey To Santiago – Alicia Wszelaki

  The Camino inspires in so many ways – its history, tradition, the culture and experience all incredible and personal to each persons spirit.  Every visual expression of the camino is an invitation to camino again or take your first adventure to Spain – which we know will be one of many for once you […]

Santiago Is Alive With Music & Celebration

  A Little Traditional Spanish Music For You To Enjoy In Santiago! I Remember a very special memory almost two years ago when I arrived again in Santiago de Compostela and was blessed to share in a wonderful evening of music and celebration. The Tuna De Derecho Santiago De Compostela Musical Group were relaxing and […]