Almost ARDE LUCUS Festival Time!


It is almost time for the historic celebration of the city LUGO and the festival known as ARDE LUCUS.  The city will be alive with FESTIVITIES and people in Celtic, Castrexo and Roman Costumes, music, ancient traditional open air market, arts & crafts, delicious food and wine and of course some 150 exciting events that will take you back in time – we hope you will join us June 14, 15 and 16, 2013.

A Little HISTORY of the area – LUGO – “The city was probably founded by Celtic inhabitants of the region and dedicated to Lugos,[5] a pan-Celtic God of light, oaths and arts. Later conquered by Paulus Fabius Maximus and called Lucus Augusti[6] in 13 BC on the positioning of a Roman military camp,[7] while the Roman Empire completed the conquest, in the North, of the Iberian Peninsula. Situated in what was the Roman province of Hispania Tarraconensis, it was the chief town of the tribe of the Capori. Though small it was the most important Roman town in what became Gallaecia during the Roman period, the seat of aconventus, one of three in Gallaecia, and later became one of the two capitals of Gallaecia, and gave its name to the Callaïci Lucenses.” – Wikipedia

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