Camino de Madrid 651 Km – Santiago!

The camino brings us many unique experiences from discovering and exploring another culture and taking in their ancient traditions that are as alive today as ever.  People from around the world make their travel journeys which also begin with exploring some of the main sites and big city attractions before changing their street clothes to […]

Astorga – A Beautiful Village Along THE WAY

  There is something about entering an ancient village – you can see it from the distance – you may have heard about it or read about it – many things are stirring inside of you – long ago memories or newly awakened feelings – ALL A Miracle and AMAZING! Thank you Navarvip Traslados and […]

Paulo Coelho – Celebrating the CAMINO & His Life

It is a very special time along the CAMINO in Galicia – Paulo Coelho is celebrating and sharing stories about his life through a new movie that is being made.  Something for us to look forward to enjoying – we know it will be a special and INSPIRING JOURNEY! “There is currently a movie about […]

Travel Back In Time – Arde Lucus Roman Festival – Lugo!

  They say a picture is worth a THOUSAND Words – in this case German Limreres’s picture takes us back 1,000 years and more! German Limeres was very busy this weekend taking pictures for the 1st Edition Arde Lucus Roman Festival Book  a creative project that German and his colleague Pablo Lopez Marquez began in […]


  It is SUNDAY and the last day of this year’s ARDE LUCUS ROMAN FESTIVAL – we will celebrate the Peregrinos Romanos – who ventured to Galicia and mixed their history and cultural traditions with Spain.  It will be Roman CIRCUS time tonight when one the closing festivities will re-enact the Roman Circus Games! More […]

Almost ARDE LUCUS Festival Time!

It is almost time for the historic celebration of the city LUGO and the festival known as ARDE LUCUS.  The city will be alive with FESTIVITIES and people in Celtic, Castrexo and Roman Costumes, music, ancient traditional open air market, arts & crafts, delicious food and wine and of course some 150 exciting events that […]

Summer Ocean Breezes & Fresh Cool Water – Muxia

  It has been a long WINTER in Galicia – we skipped right over Spring and in one day it is SUMMER!  Perfect time to refresh your Camino Spirit by feeling your feet in the sand and fresh ocean breezes on your face!   Gracias Jesus Trillo Muxia and Caminando Cara o mar for making […]