Green Beautiful Foundation Celebrate Santiago

Every pilgrim´s steps are unique, powerful and filled with purpose. When combined with the steps and special intentions of other pilgrims for a greater cause our uniting strengthens our love and compassion for others and the world.

Green Beautiful Foundation arrived Santiago de Compostela from St. Jean Pied De Port and united together at KM 0 in front of the Cathedral in Obradoiro Square to Celebrate their arrival and continued next steps to Finisterre – known as the “End of the World” since ancient times but equally significant for NEW STEPS that all pilgrims take as their Camino Journeys continue forever transformed – as they say when you complete your Camino the Real Camino Of Your Life Begins.

Green Beautiful Foundation has been living with a powerful purpose and will continue to make strong steps to help nurture and heal Mother Earth, the World and bring inspiration to all.

Wishing Green Beautiful Foundation Sharon Bele-Verdy, Muriel Wattinne, Agosto Tarantino and the pilgrims joining them – Bo Camiño as they make their way to Finisterre!

Special thank you to La Voz Santiago – Margarita Mosteiro – for sharing this special Camino Connection in Santiago!

Muchas Gracias – and special thank you to Marc Heffner of for capturing Green Beautiful Foundations arrival with your special pictures. For more information and wonderful Camino Treasures please visit:

Company/Organization Information:
The Green Beautiful Foundation is a gathering of people who seek positive change and protection for the fragile and endangered areas of the Earth. Every year they organize walks globally to raise awareness and funds for various initiatives. Their current focus is the forests, orangutans and indigenous Dayak tribes of Borneo where we have purchased land to preserve this sacred area.
Foundation´s Mission – ´Preserving the endangered environments of our green, beautiful planet.´
For more information please visit: (has MULTIPLE language options on main page bottom left for you to read in any language) and on Facebook:
Contact Information:
Green Beautiful Foundation
Founder & Executive Director: Sharon Bele-Verdy
PO Box 380
Brunswick Heads
New South Wales 2483
ACN: 604 087 792
Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Linkedin

A very special thank you to Sue Kenney for connecting me with Sharon Bele-Verdy and Green Beautiful Foundation. For more information about Sue Kenney please visit:

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