Path For Peace



    • Innovative Travel & Tourism Program
    • From Inner Personal Peace to More Peace In The World
    • What Was Made For War
    • Convert This Path
    • Now Is The Time – Path For Peace 2013, 2014, 2015…

Menorca Reserva de la Biosfera 1Menorca reserva biosfera 2camidecavalls2Fortaleza de La Mola

jimmy unai estepona pintando

Eco-Artist, Speaker, Dreamer, Believer

Eco-Painting From Oil Spills Since 1991:

Projects Consultant & International Speaker: Sustainability, Social Media, Innovation, And Creativity

Video-Travel Blogger: &

Passionate About Family, Society & Nature

Resides: Madrid Born: Menorca, Spain

“My work is my passion, my family the reason to live” – Jimmy Pons

35216_1508359789587_310364_nRIBON BANDS

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