Festival De Historia In The Camino Minhoto Ribeiro – Ribadavia

Immersing yourself in a Camino adventure includes wonderful surprises as our spirits journey along The Way! We explore, discover and partake of an experience that is unique, exciting and always interesting.  One of the special pleasures of making Camino travels is to enjoy the many festivals that Spain celebrates. In Galicia they help you step back […]

Commemorative SELLOS & Special Camino Symbols

Like the SELLOS of the camino the stamps of the Correos have been decorated with beautiful and inspiring images that reflect the spirit of the camino. Reminding us that for centuries this pilgrimage tradition has been kept alive in the memories and stories of the pilgrims that have made their mark on the paths that […]

Rexistro 108 KM Vilei 2015! Welcoming New Pilgrims!!!

Spring has arrived but the Galician skies are still showing us the face of winter and WHY this area is known for its GREEN GREEN GRASSES! The air is fresh and the wind blows strongly as it whips against your face but in the distance coming closer is the sound of the footsteps of the […]

Sunshine & Shadows

A Little Fun Along The Way – Summer Sun & Shadows In Galicia Whether walking alone or with other pilgrim friends you are never alone on the camino – you have your shadow and your angels to watch over you while you are on a very special journey of discovery and a true adventure of […]

El Juego De La Oca – The Game of the Goose & The Camino

El Juego De La Oca is another wonderful surprise and new experience of discovery along The Way of Saint James adding to the mystery and the history that makes the Camino so unique.  Have fun seeing what you will learn and uncover of the hidden treasures and secrets of Galicia and the Camino!!! “The Game of the […]

Faro de Finis Terrae – Fisterra

  The Faro’s of Galicia are an impressive site scattered along the Galician Coast. The breathtaking scenery of the varied coastline leads the soul to ponder and reflect on the immenseness of life and the ocean.  In the Costa Da Muerte known as “The Dead Coast” because of the dangerous seas and jagged rocks that […]

Cave of Altamira – Camino Norte

The Camino encourages a Spirit of Discovery.  Experiencing any of the Camino trails to Santiago de Compostela one is immersed in culture, history and traditions that leads us on a continued journey of discovery.  It is exciting and magical to learn more whether your pilgrimage travel interest includes history, art, architecture, gastronomy, festivals, wine or […]

40 Shades Of Green – Sylvie Sims Shares Camino In Ireland

  When I heard my Camino Friend Sylvie say “40 SHADES OF GREEN” a wonderful feeling came over me.  Beautiful images filled my mind and my spirit was swept away with all the wonderful possibilities of a magical adventure.  I wanted to learn more and see what the 40 Shades Of Green is like.  This […]