El Juego De La Oca – The Game of the Goose & The Camino


El Juego De La Oca is another wonderful surprise and new experience of discovery along The Way of Saint James adding to the mystery and the history that makes the Camino so unique.  Have fun seeing what you will learn and uncover of the hidden treasures and secrets of Galicia and the Camino!!!

“The Game of the Goose or Goose game is a board game with uncertain origins. Some people connect the game with the Phaistos Disc (because of its spiral shape), others claim that it was originally a gift from Francesco I de’ Medici of Florence to KingPhilip II of Spain sometime between 1574 and 1587, while the latest theories attribute to the Templars the creation of the game. According to these theories the Templars, possibly inspired by other games or discs (as the Phaistos Disc) from the Holy Land, developed a game and a secret or encrypted guide to the Way of St. James, representing each numbered space in the game a different stage in this journey. Furthermore, the hidden messages would not be just in the game but in themonumentscathedrals and churches along the Way to Santiago de Compostela.” – Wikipedia


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