The Spirit Is Totally Free – Berit Michaela


Remembering my first day in Vilei, September 2011, at German Limeres’s family country home where he was having a fantastic Galician Barbecoa with his friends and documenting the pilgrims for his Rexistro 108 Vilei Pilgrim Photography Project always fills me with happiness and  renewed inspiration.  I was fortunate to be invited and was able to capture more pictures and video of pilgrim’s sharing their camino experiences.  It was a truly magical day sharing it with so many wonderful people and pilgrims.

Meeting Berit and Johanna as they were making their way to Santiago was extra special for me as the day was truly unique and a first time always holds extra special memories.  Berit and Johanna are also from Germany near my families historic home town so it was more synchronicities for me of the Camino and to my families heritage. A perfect day filled with incredible people from around the world and an amazing experience was the perfect combination for deepening my passion and love for the Camino!  Thank you Berit for sharing some of your camino reflections and for providing me a wonderful memory on the Camino.  We look forward to your return – Bo Camiño!

“Experiences about the camino:

The first kilometers were very hard. Every part of your body hurts all the time. But later I find a good way to go the right tempo. And you look around you, everywhere beatiful landscapes…the spirit is totally free. The camino was very special to me, I make a big changing. And now life is more easier for me! I really wan´t to go the camino once again!”

Berit Michaela

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