40 Shades Of Green – Sylvie Sims Shares Camino In Ireland



When I heard my Camino Friend Sylvie say “40 SHADES OF GREEN” a wonderful feeling came over me.  Beautiful images filled my mind and my spirit was swept away with all the wonderful possibilities of a magical adventure.  I wanted to learn more and see what the 40 Shades Of Green is like.  This fantastic picture of Ireland reminds me of the beauty of Galicia and inspires my Camino Spirit – thank you Sylvie for sharing and inspiring more Camino adventures!

Hi Susan today Oliver and I did a track it was a place called keeper hill, the walk was 17 kilometre and so beautiful I think from the photo you can see a couple of the 40 shades of green. There is a pilgrim walk that thousands do every year here in Ireland it’s called Croke Patrick, it’s quite a challenge but there is a reward when you reach the summit,looking down over clue bay with its 52 islands, it’s truly a most wonderful sight”.

“I have journeyed far and wide, seen some truly wonderful sights but my heart always fills with delight when I return home to the emerald isle with its 40 shades of green”.  – Sylvie Sims


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