COMPOSTELA – “Field Of Stars” – August 10 -13!



One of the very special experiences of the Camino is the time in nature enjoying its beauty at all different times of the day and night. This August 10 – 13 there will be a very special opportunity to experience the nights sky and It brings home to our heart the meaning of “Compostela” which its name comes from the Latin Campus Stellae – “field of the star”. Hope you enjoy wherever you are!


“During the nights from August 10 – 13, 2013 People on Earth will have a chance to see one of the rarest meteor showers. During the night you will be able to see thousands of these falling stars until August 13, these meteors will have the best visibility during the night of Aust 12, 2013. There is a predicted number of about 50 – 100 meteors an hour.” –  Rob Saunder’s

“Gear up to see some great balls of fire streaking through the sky this month. According to NASA research, the upcoming Perseid meteor shower produces more meteors than any other annual shower, earning it the title of “fireball champion.”  – Milky Way Scientists

You may enjoy checking out Milky Way Scientists for more beautiful pictures and interesting information:

Thank you Terrie Marie for sharing Rob Saunder’s photo and others that posted some great information for us to keep an eye out for our “Field of Stars”.

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