Camino is a Fantastic State of Mind!

The CAMINO is an experience that is hard to put into words – there are so many emotions, wonderful experiences and incredible memories.  It is something that lives in your heart and stays with you forever.  The Camino Calls you again and again!!! Providing you something different every time and inviting you to live in […]

The Smiles Say It All!!!

  It has been a pleasure and most memorable experience to connect with pilgrims along the camino and especially in Santiago upon their arrival and completion of their journey of the Field of Stars.   Thank you Osvaldo Beltramini Jr. for your kindness in introducing me to your pilgrim group and family.  The time we […]

Let Your Creativity Shine!

For everyone who has walked the Camino or is interested in walking knows that there seems to be an inner desire for NEW creativity and expression in ones life.  On many levels and different forms of expression from transforming ourselves personally to making big changes in our lives. Coming into contact with our Spirit and […]

Pink Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse – In The Field Of Stars

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela – is also known as the Field of Stars from the word Compostela.  As pilgrims made their way under the stars of the Milky Way lighting the sky and guiding their way. For centuries pilgrims have ventured in nature away from their homelands to cross countries and oceans to […]

Ruta Do Mino – 9 km Camino by the River Mino!

  The Camino inspires one to want to WALK, WALK and WALK some more!!! It is especially fun when you combine nature, friends and a new adventure!  There are many special routes highlighting different aspects of Galicia’s beautiful scenery, nature, wildlife and outdoor activities. The spanish love to be outside and this is especially true […]

El Monasterio de Santa Maria de Sobrado dos Monxes

The Monastery of Santa Maria of Sobrado dos Monxes, is located in the area of Melide in the province of A Caruna in the town named Sobrado dos Monxes which means Monks.  Founded in the tenth century by counts of the family Presaras. In the twelfth century, in the times of Alfonso VII the Emperor […]

Castro De Viladonga – Museum

Castro De Viladonga hillfort settlement, located less than a half an hour from my current hometown of Lugo – Galicia (northern Spain), dates back to the late Roman Era(between the III and V centuries A.D.) and has been a key site for studying and learning about the evolution of Hillfort Culture in the Galician-Roman era. […]

“Everything Happens For A Reason”

Hi Susan, Once you have done the camino you will always want to go back: it’s like a virus that remains with you. Only people who have been there will understand. I long to do another camino: maybe from Valencia or through Portugal. And I still want to bike to Rome. Those are dreams, but […]