“Everything Happens For A Reason”

Hi Susan, Once you have done the camino you will always want to go back: it’s like a virus that remains with you. Only people who have been there will understand. I long to do another camino: maybe from Valencia or through Portugal. And I still want to bike to Rome. Those are dreams, but […]

Camino Mirrors Life – Freedom & Jeff

There is an incredible experience that is part of sharing in the camino which is a reflection of the never ending camino of our lives – the camino provides just what you need when you need it for your growth and transformation.  It provides the opportunity to share whatever you have with others, to learn […]

Camino Inspirations & Reflections

For those who have experienced the camino and those who would like to there are many incredibly memorable experiences and personal transformations that take place on the camino.  It is a time for making new friendships, experiencing nature, reflecting on your life and your dreams – most powerfully about making your DREAMS COME TRUE – […]

Camino Connections

The Camino has brought me many memorable experiences and new special friendships.  I am always excited to hear from people whom I met on the Camino and to hear how the experience has touched and transformed their lives and how like a ripple effect their transformations spread out touching others. Was a very special day […]