The Smiles Say It All!!!



It has been a pleasure and most memorable experience to connect with pilgrims along the camino and especially in Santiago upon their arrival and completion of their journey of the Field of Stars.



Thank you Osvaldo Beltramini Jr. for your kindness in introducing me to your pilgrim group and family.  The time we shared together before I had experienced my own camino was incredibly special for me.  Sometimes you meet a person and you feel as if you have known them for a long time.  It was just this way with you and I feel very blessed to have met you and have you as a friend.


“The Camino de Santiago represents to me a internal journey. You will be in a inspiring place, admiring natural beautiful and feeling the Energy emited by the Earth. And some how, talking with so diferent people, that deal with so diferent question in their lifes, you will have the opportunity to look inside of you and rethink your values and the way you are living your life. Every single soul will face this internal journey in some moment, rising our souls above ours egos and social conditionings.

There are so many steps to grown to live a superior level of consciousness. But the Camino will help you to see whats mandatory in that moment. So, let the Camino transform you!” – Osvaldo Beltramini Jr.



I can only imagine how special it is to experience the camino with family as you did with your father and brother.  Also, I think how special it was that you met so many people from so many different countries that you shared the entire camino experience with from beginning to end.  It is the camino and the people we share the time with that makes each camino unique and special unto its own – always encouraging us to experience it again!



Here is to more Camino Adventures – I look forward to sharing more of your camino thoughts and those of all your perigrino amigo’s that were so kind to include me in your group Camino Experience!  Thank you to all of you for your friendship and I look forward to sharing your Camino Experiences – Gracias por todo!!!



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