“Everything Happens For A Reason”

peridoco 4

Hi Susan,

Once you have done the camino you will always want to go back: it’s like a virus that remains with you. Only people who have been there will understand. I long to do another camino: maybe from Valencia or through Portugal. And I still want to bike to Rome. Those are dreams, but once my trip to Santiago from Haarlem in Holland was a dream too.
Anyway, at the time it meant a whole lot to me. It was putting behind me an emotional period: becoming a grandmother, the passing away of my mother-in-law, moving from where we had been living more than 30 years, moving my parents to a place where they could have some more care. All these things sort of make you take stock of your life and make you realize that you’ve got a major part of your life behind you. When I was riding my bike all these thoughts came to mind and at the same time I realized how blessed I am. Also the thought came to mind that the time of harvest had come after all the years of hard work. It was literally getting away from all the day-to-day chores and worries. But it was not an escape. Part of it was that I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, part seeing all the wonderful things along the way that make you feel humble, human, vulnerable…
When you’re on a bike you don’t meet as many people as the pilgrims on foot, but the encounters I had made a lasting impression.
And yes, more and more on my journey I got the conviction that things in life happen for a reason.
Would that apply to my life as it is now, I wonder. I’m working hard again, but am also busy with fun things. Life seems to be too full
and I would love to be on the road again. Maybe not to Santiago right away, a short trip around Holland would be good too. But some day I will embark on another true pilgrimage: to experience once again the freedom I felt going to Santiago…
Well, these were just some thoughts. I hope they are of any use. Thanks for the picture and when I was looking at, it the moments we shared there instantly came to mind again. I’m glad I met you,
take care, Marjan
Thank you Marjan for sharing some of your thoughts and camino experiences.  It was such a pleasure to meet you and you were the first pilgrim I met when I came to visit and experience German photographing the pilgrims in his families historic house in Vilei 108 KM to Santiago – your words “Everything Happens For A Reason” resonated with me so much with all the synchronistic and God Guided experiences I have had.  It was through a very specific series of events that you know led me to be there that day in perfect timing to meet you and share some special moments on the Camino – I look forward to sharing more together in the future!
 Sending Smiles from Spain,

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