Parador Santiago De Compostela Museo – Enjoy Traveling Through Time


Parador Museo de Santiago

We hope that you will enjoy a visit to the Parador – Hostal dos Reis Catolicos to experience the Rexistro 108 Vilei Pilgrim Photography Exhibition by German Limeres and also have fun exploring the Parador Museo Tour – step back in time and discover more of Spain’s UNIQUE and Wonderful Culture and History!

“The Royal Hospital of Santiago had its origins in the religious fervor of the Catholic Monarchs, who built it to give aid and shelter to pilgrims following the long route of stars to the tomb of the Apostle. If you follow the path of legends in this Parador Museum, you will discover the message of salvation displayed on its carved stones and its evolution as a hostel and hospital, at one time even housing orphaned children.”



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