Camino Inspires A Spirit Of Discovery



There is something about the CAMINO that inspires a spirit of continued DISCOVERY!  A desire to Learn – Seek – Experience MORE – MORE of Spain – More of what our Heart and Spirit Is Encouraging us to Explore!

Learning more about history, culture and traditions connects us with our global past and fills us in a very unique way.  Have fun keeping your CAMINO Spirit alive in all your TRAVEL Adventures!

1045 fotos Catedral de la Seu Vella de Lérida


“First Christian Cathedral – In the same place stood the early Christian and Visigothic cathedral, which was then used as a mosque in the time of the Moorish occupation and had been built in the year 832. The Counts of Barcelona Ramon Berenguer IV and VI of Urgel Ermengol conquered the city of Lleida to the Saracens in the year 1149, and was Bishop of Ravidats Pere Guillem, transferred from the Diocese of Roda de Isábena, who consecrated as a Christian cathedral mosque under the patronage of Santa María la Antigua, the canonical governed by the rule of St. Augustine.”

Thank you Jaume Lopez Garcia for making your facebook post and sharing more inspiring spanish history!

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