Santiago Is Alive With Music & Celebration



A Little Traditional Spanish Music For You To Enjoy In Santiago!

I Remember a very special memory almost two years ago when I arrived again in Santiago de Compostela and was blessed to share in a wonderful evening of music and celebration. The Tuna De Derecho Santiago De Compostela Musical Group were relaxing and having their own celebration before playing music in the evening from 10 – Midnight just across from the Cathedral in Plaza Obradoiro.  Something you may really enjoy a little Moonlight Look at the Cathedral and some traditional Spanish Serenades. It was a very special evening and a very special CAMINO memory! You might even enjoy taking home one or two of their CD’s – I know I did but little did I know that I would make Galicia my home from that very week…. Hope you enjoy!

Historical tradition is that a TUNA Group was a group of university students in traditional dress who play guitar and sing serenades.  The tradition originated in Spain and Portugal in the 13th century as a means of students to earn money or food. A member of a tuna is known as a TUNO or SOPISTA.

The name TUNA comes from French rio de Thunes – “King of Tunis”, a title used by leaders of vagabonds. In the medieval days the Sopistas would use their musical talents to entertain people in exchange for a coin or a bowl of soup(Sopa, in Portuguese and Spanish, hence the name Sopistas). They would also play their music under the windows of the ladies they wished to court.

For more information please see Tuna De Derecho Santiago De Compostela Facebook:


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