Spanish is Yoga for the “Boca”



Spanish is a language I LOVE to listen to. It is like a dance that is shared as it rolls off the tongues of many spaniards as they converse with friends and family.  It is a language of connection, ancient traditions, customs and of rich cultural heritage.  As I continue to learn more spanish little by little I have often thought and said that ‘Spanish is YOGA for the BOCA’! It challenges your mind and your mouth (boca) to work towards making your own dance of words.  My “spanglish” is far from the fluid flow of a smooth “yoga sun salutation” or in this case “sunset salutation” but I will keep at it – just like the Camino it is the journey not the completion.

First we will keep at spanish so wishing everyone Buen Camino – and someday maybe I will know a little more Gallego – so Bo Camiño!

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