The Botafumeiro – Fridays 7:30 pm



To experience the Botafumeiro in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral is something that fills you with emotion.  Emotions that range from a sense of awe and wonder to smiles, tears of gratitude and joy and so much more. Every experience is unique and inspiring encouraging you again and again to witness it and reflect on the Camino!!!


“The Botafumeiro is a famous thurible found in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral (in the past similar devices were used in large churches in Galicia, nowadays sometimes is used in the TuiCathedral). Incense is burned in this swinging metal container, or “incensory“. The name “Botafumeiro” means “smoke expeller” in Galician” – Wikipedia

Now every friday at the 7:30 mass the Botafumeiro will swing and inspire!!! If you are in town we know you will enjoy!!!

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