Light Show & Fireworks Celebrations!



It is a very special time in Santiago de Compostela as the city prepares for the Fiestas del Apostol. A city that is already full of activities and energy of pilgrims’ arriving will share in wonderful festivities, one of which is the St. James Light Show & Fireworks Event. July 24 at Midnight Celebrating St. James Day July 25, 2013.

It is a spectacular experience to share in and is one of the most wonderful and inspiring celebrations.  This year 2013 marks my 3rd St. James Festival experience and I am grateful and excited to share in this unique event again – they say 3rd time is a charm and this has been true for me as this year has been blessed with many incredibly special experiences on the Camino – MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS to my family, friends, fellow pilgrims, the Camino, Galicia and Spain for an experience of a lifetime!

Light Shows and Firework Celebrations at other beautiful locations – hope you enjoy! Thank you to Turismo de Francia en Espana for your post and beautiful pictures: (Catedral de Amiens, Gran Hotel de Cabourg, Notre Dame, Catedral de Estrasburgo, Pays del Loira)


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