Brussels – Bruges Camino Synchronicity – Meg Holmes



The Camino called to me and made its invitation through many connected SYNCHRONISTIC events and experiences no matter where I was in the world.  At first it whispered its invitation and then the calling grew louder and louder till I was not able to resist it any longer.  Even in times of experiencing Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrims’ journey through their amazing stories and camino reflections I would never have imagined that I would have followed it all the way to living in Lugo Galicia – it has been a journey of a life time!  For me the Camino is many things but one especially is how we can use our gifts and talents working collaboratively with others to make a difference in the world.  If we follow our “synchronicities” and follow the signs that are before us our own “yellow brick” camino road is paved each step as we follow our spirits inner guidance and response to the Camino Calling Each One Of Us!

It is wonderful to hear others sharing their Synchronistic Experiences to the Camino – Thank you Meg Holmes for making your post and sharing your wonderful Camino journey Brussels – to – Bruges!!!

“Last week I was visiting Bruges. I stopped to change a camera battery and when I looked down I saw a camino shell waymark embedded in the cobblestones. Did the Way pass through Bruges? I did not know. Then in Brussels, as I entered the Grand Place I stumbled on another shell by my foot, and as we toured Brussels, I found others. So at the Cathedral I asked. Indeed, they informed me, the chemin passed through Belgium and referred me to the local tourist bureau. Before I left the cathedral I found a statue of St. Jacques holding the pilgrim symbols of staff, gourd, and wide-brimmed hat. The tourist bureau provided me a brochure and sent me on to the Catholic office by the St. Nicholas church. The gentleman there gave me a plausible account of the pilgrimage routes through Belgium and directed me to the Bon Secours church from which pilgrims set out from Brussels. Although the church was closed, I found still another shell imbedded in the sidewalk, the familiar blue and yellow waymark posted by the door, and symbols of the pilgrim decorating the door itself. I followed the shells until the Way diverged from my tourist route and pondered the mystery of having, unintentionally, walked my own mini-camino through Brussels and Bruges”. – Meg Holmes


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