The Camino Always Provides!!!  It was a very special day for me where synchronicity that had begun just a couple days before when stopping at a mountain top albergue, just outside of O Cebreiro in Galicia, an albergue I had never been to before brought another wonderful Camino Connection and experience. I noticed that like times in years past I was in a place I had never been before as we had actually planned on being in a different part of Galicia but changed our mind at the last minute – this too has been a “trend” as part of my “synchronistic” flow over the years. Somehow hearing and then following my inner spirits guidance some special treasured experiences have flowed.

On that saturday I also noticed that we had to stay longer than usual for another conversation that was the reason that we were at this albergue anyway and I had heard a couple people speaking english which is always a treat for me since I have been living in Galicia 2 years and am still learning spanish. I decided to approach the two people sitting at the table and I ended up meeting Lauren Martinez, Still Photographer/Co-Producer, and Ron Nelson,  Director of Photography, of Travel Light Film ( and learned that they were making a documentary of the Camino. We had more in common than one would have guessed from just hearing two people speaking english as I have been filming pilgrims’ and special Camino events since 2009 and the opening of the Holy Door Celebration known as Puerta Santa and Xacobeo Holy Year Festival in July 2010.  It was this fun encounter and brief conversation that led to more special experiences and time on the camino.

As always with me it seems that “Synchronicity” taps on my shoulder or whispers in my ear and sometimes has to “nudge” me a little harder to get my attention and listen a little faster – and this time that was the case.  After sharing a little time together we decided to see about meeting up and sharing in some special camino time at Vilei / Barbadelo to share camino stories and take their picture for Rexistro 108 Vilei Global Pilgrims’ Photography & Video Project.

Monday arrived and we all met as the Travel Light Team was walking the Camino Trail as they turned the corner in Barbadelo and Vilei at German Limeres’s historic 150 year old + country house where we take the pilgrims’ pictures and video.  We shared a coffee and one thing led to another a fun afternoon making “barbacoa” BBQ Galician style.  It was wonderful to see Lauran and Ron again and to meet more of the Travel Light Team Lindsay Thompson, the Director/Co-Producer and Gabriela Quiroz, production assistant.  As we flowed with the Camino guiding us to share in some special time they decided to stop for the day and enjoy a little Camino Countryside with us.

As we were preparing for our Camino Barbecoa in came Jim Kazsynski with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen.  From the moment you meet Jim you can feel his warm heart and genuine spirit.  He lights up and warms everyone’s hearts as he spends time with them sharing his personal journey and life passion.  Jim is a true believer in an abundant and giving universe and lives that experience in his daily life and was part of his mission on the camino to travel with the spirit that the Camino Provides just like pilgrims’ of ancient times.  Jim is living each day free in his heart, mind and spirit and he is truly making a difference in the world.  This is a powerful message I have been documenting on the Camino and in my projects since 2008 and has been for me a way of sharing my purpose in life.  So meeting Jim and sharing this time with Travel LIght Films was that dream and purpose in action.

Jim’s story is a powerful one of transformation and inspiration. Gabriela helped to continue Jim’s Camino experience of traveling with experiencing the generosity of heart by inviting him to stay at the albergue and I was excited that our barbecoa would share this same spirit adding a very special pilgrim to our Camino Picnic.  All inspired when Jim saw our photography sign inviting pilgrims’ to share in a FREE creative project documenting the faces and smiles of the pilgrims’ from around the world as we all share in the spirit of the Camino.

WOW… what an extraordinary experience in my life! The Camino de Santiago is known to produce miracles in your life, and that it did. So much to tell you!

After 56 days of walking and putting on over 500 miles on my shoes, I took my final step in Santiago, Spain.  I did walk every inch of the way, carrying my overweight back pack every step.

I set out with several goals, to save a child’s life in Kenya and to prove that even today people have the compassion to help another in need just as the pilgrims did thousands of years ago. I was right, although I walked with almost no money for food; the pilgrim’s and the people of Spain were more than generous to feed me, not even knowing what my mission was. Yes, there were many nights, I went to bed hungry, but I did not starve.

I meet over a thousand people from 27 countries all which had their own Camino experience. No one can do this wrong! You do not have to walk the whole Camino to get enlightened about new options that are available in life.

I took over 4,000 photos and video plus recorded every day what I and others were going through, all coming in the next year.” – Jim Kaszynski

Thank you to Travel LIght Films and Jim Kaszynski for a very inspirational day in the Camino!!!

For more wonderful camino stories and information please visit:

I will be sharing more of Jim’s and Travel Light’s adventures in future posts. Hope you ENJOY!!! Have Fun Looking For YOUR SIGNS – They are SPRINKLED All Along THE WAY!!!




  2. Hi Jim – Congratulations on your walk and enlightenment! I watched your video and I know what you’re talking about when you say you notice things now. Although I’ve been taking a lot of photographs for the past few years, there has been a shift. I’m not sure when it started, but I notice the beauty surrounding me much more now than before. Perhaps it was when I decided to not let fear rule me. I just mentioned the pilgrimage to my foot doctor yesterday and hope to do the walk. Anyway…so glad you made it! ~Sherry~

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