Forever In Our Hearts & Inspiring Our Continued Camino Journeys – Jim Kaszynski

When one speaks from the heart many are touched, changed and transformed forever.  We may never really know the impact of our thoughts, words, actions and deeds each day as we live . We may have some inkling of the sharing but the spirit in its immensity and powerfulness stretches out beyond all boundaries and […]

A Very Special Gift For Semana Santa – Easter: Kurt Koontz

Semana Santa or Easter is a very special time on the Camino.  The heart, mind, body and spirit of all is open, flowing, and sharing in truly wonderful WAYS.  Inspiration, connecting, and giving with others is a unique part of springtime just like the trees bringing their new fresh green leaves and flowers blooming their […]

The Camino, Life & Art – Gabriela Quiroz

“The word pilgrimage comes from the Latin word peregrinus, which means a person wandering the earth in exile, someone in search of a spiritual homeland.” -Ian Cron Chasing Francis Gabriela Quiroz and I shared some special time talking of her unique pilgrimage experience as she made the journey with her  Travel Light Film companions, Lindsay Thompson, Lauren Martinez, […]

Thank You Camino For Special Friendships

  I have been blessed with many special “synchronistic” experiences that has brought wonderful people into my life.  As they say the universe knows just what you need and provides an opportunity for people to come together, connect, and share in creating together special memories. It was again this way that the universe knew how […]

A Special Camino POEM – Alex Muszynski & Friends

  Every person I meet on the Camino inspires and touches me in a unique and special way.  I am always excited to see what they will share and what I will learn from their Camino Journey.  It was again a wonderful surprise when German Limeres and I were taking pictures in the Parador Hostal […]

Opportunity To Help The Cathedral

  The Camino inspires many things and one most important is the spirit of giving, charity and philanthropy.  To share and participate in something special helps to grow our hearts and spirits.  The Camino has touched all of our lives in very unique and wonderful ways encouraging a the spirit of giving to continue all […]

Camino Inspires Random Acts of KINDNESS!

  There is something about the CAMINO that INSPIRES us in so many Different Ways – opening our Hearts – our Minds – our Spirits to BE More – SHARE More – & Live MORE!  Everyday on the Camino unexpected opportunities presented themselves to share – keeping the Camino Spirit Alive – Here’s to finding […]

CAMINO Is The Best Metaphor For Living A Life Full Of Meaning!

    It is Memorial Day Weekend in USA and I am grateful for a new Facebook friendship of Paul and Deanna House.  We hear many times that once you do the Camino you will CAMINO for the rest of your life and also it is said that once you do the Camino your REAL […]