Forever In Our Hearts & Inspiring Our Continued Camino Journeys – Jim Kaszynski

When one speaks from the heart many are touched, changed and transformed forever.  We may never really know the impact of our thoughts, words, actions and deeds each day as we live . We may have some inkling of the sharing but the spirit in its immensity and powerfulness stretches out beyond all boundaries and like a stone skipping across the water the ripples, expand and grow in ways that we might never have imagined.  Jim Kaszynski’s heart and spirit were always overflowing with love, compassion and inspiration.  No matter what he had faced in his life he brought a very special understanding and meaning that touched all who met him either in person or through his blogs and sharing.  His message was always one of love, acceptance, surrender, and to expect the best in life, mankind, and from the world.  Such powerful messages that help each one of us to live more fully each day. I feel blessed to have met Jim and his inspiration will be a strong guiding force for me as I know it will be for all.

Jim you were a true Earth Angel and I know that you will forever be in our hearts guiding us on our continued camino journeys – I will feel you with me as a Camino Angel always – Bo Camiño!

A very special thank you to German Limeres photographer and creator of rexistro 108 vilei, the first photography global pilgrims register in the world capturing the faces and inspiration of pilgrims as they make their personal camino journey (German Limeres Photographs above).

A very special thank you to Travel Light Films – Co Producer Gabriela Quiroz – for inviting Jim to sleep in the albergue sharing the giving spirit of the camino and for his joining us in our pilgrim barbaque.  It was a very special day of sharing our passion of the camino at a very special place rexistro 108 vilei (Km 108 – 3 km outside of Sarria on the French Way).


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