A Special Camino POEM – Alex Muszynski & Friends



Every person I meet on the Camino inspires and touches me in a unique and special way.  I am always excited to see what they will share and what I will learn from their Camino Journey.  It was again a wonderful surprise when German Limeres and I were taking pictures in the Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos starting Km 0 Santiago when we met Alex Muszynski (19), Mina Brewer (17), Allie Hill (18), Isabelle Alonso (33), Emmeline Hill (50), and Thomas Hill (56) who graciously joined us and agreed to share in the Global Pilgrims’ Photography and Video Project.

It was an extra special surprise when Alex shared the poem he had written during his Camino Travels!  Thank you Alex and everyone for sharing it was a very wonderful experience for me!

We will post soon your picture in Km 0 Santiago but I wanted to share you poem as I know it will inspire and delight more Camino Peregrinos!

Alex Muszynski Camino Poem Video Link:


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