The Camino, Life & Art – Gabriela Quiroz


“The word pilgrimage comes from the Latin word peregrinus, which means a person wandering the earth in exile, someone in search of a spiritual homeland.” -Ian Cron Chasing Francis

Gabriela Quiroz and I shared some special time talking of her unique pilgrimage experience as she made the journey with her  Travel Light Film companions, Lindsay Thompson, Lauren Martinez, and Ron Nelson while they were making the historic pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and making their documentary – Travel Light – A Divine Documentary Adventure.

I hope you enjoy,  as I did, the personal experiences and insights that Gabriela was so kind to share with me about The Camino, Life & Art!  Gabriela’s love of poetry and insights on  how our eyes are the windows to our soul’s through her art she likes “Putting an emotion on canvas versus reflecting some kind of reality.” Gabriela shared with some pictures of her paintings. Truly impressive, inspiring, and beautiful.  Wonderful that Gabriela followed her inner desire to paint and express her self-taught artistic talents. Both Gabriela and her art express a beautiful, genuine, and inspiring soul.  Thank you Gabriela!

“As an artist and storyteller at heart, Gabriela Quiroz believes filmmaking is an art form and a powerful communication tool that encompasses all areas of the human experience. Born and raised in the highlands of Peru, Gabriela’s fascination with stories and moving images began at a very young age.” –

Thank you Gabriela for sharing your camino reflections and thoughts during a little quiet time before our pilgrim group “barbacoa” – a spanish style BBQ on the camino.

For more information about Travel Light Films please visit:

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