WAYFARING – Scott Herriott


WAYFARING is A funny, real,  and honest documentary by Scott Herriott that shares the diversity of the camino experience. As diverse as the people and countries that come to to make their own pilgrimage journey. Every reason is personal, unique, and varied. This upbeat documentary shows the range of emotions and reasons why people make this ancient pilgrimage adventure as they walk, bike and horseback ride to Santiago de Compostela. A challenge on many levels wether you are journeying for religious, spiritual or other reasons you will be touched by the range of camino experiences and emotions captured in Wayfaring – and surely it will inspire each person in a different way to make their own journey of personal discovery.

“Scott Herriott is a documentarian, former stand-up comic and Bigfoot enthusiast. He won a regional Emmy for his hosting duties on Internet Tonight on ZDTV (later known as TechTV) and was also a contributor on the channel’s The Screen Savers. He was also a contributor on CNN’s NewsNight with Aaron Brown and currently co-hosts “The Bigfoot Show” podcast. His trail name is Squatch, but please don’t call him that at any social events involving tuxedos and/or martinis. He’s been shooting his own documentaries for the last 10 years and makes just enough money to still live with his parents when he’s not off galavanting in the woods.” – squatchfilms.com

Thank you to Juan Carlos Duperier of http://www.authentic-journeys.com for connecting me with Scott Herriott.  Thank you Scott for sharing your wonderful and inspiring Wayfaring documentary.

For more information please visit: http://www.squatchfilms.com


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