A Million Steps – More Camino Connections!



To my wonderful delight and surprise there have been many fantastic blessings in reading Kurt Koontz’s incredible camino story as told through his book A Million Steps.  I know for sure that in reading this inspiring book that I will continue to experience more of my wonderful “signs’ and “connections” – A Million SYCNRONICITIES and more to flow that I will treasure as I follow them.

One of the many gifts and blessings in beginning to read Kurt’s book was coming across his adventures in Grañon and reading his words “I met a family that left quite an impression on me. Joseph and Tobi were walking the path with their two children, Mateo, seven, and Pasqual, two. The love that flowed within this family was unbelievable.”  I too remember the powerful loving expression of this family as German Limeres and I were fortunate to be in Barbadelo/Vilei one weekend documenting the faces and inspirational thoughts of pilgrims as they passed German’s family country house in Vilei.  It was another magical moment on the camino when Joseph, Tobie, their son Matejo (7 yrs) and Pascal (2 yrs) popped her head from out of Joseph’s mochilla – what a delightful surprise to be met by this little angel joining in all smiles with her family.    Hope you too enjoy their inspirational pictures and story as was included in our rexistro 108 vilei video:

I am savoring every word and have also begun to re-read out loud to my mother in our intercontinental telephone calls that shorten the distance and it feels like she is sitting right next to me. This and so much more are making yet a deeper connection of sharing the camino with my family and loved ones. The camino bridges so much from long distances that evaporate in pages read, shared, and inspire new explorations of this magical path.

I go from reading at rapid speed to slowing down as I don’t want the journey to end.  Loving Kurt’s amazing writing style I have been carried back onto the camino trail in my mind and am enjoying his every step reminding me of my camino travels and the steps I will take this year.  Thank you Kurt for such a wonderful gift as it packaged inside it a  spectacular myriad of blessings just like the camino – more than you expected, as well as,  some complete and powerful surprises!!!

For more information of Kurt Koontz’s wonderful camino story and inspirational journey – A Million Steps – please visit: http://kurtkoontz.com


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