A Million Steps – Kurt Koontz


The sun is shinning in Galicia, at least for the moment, and we can soak up the feeling that spring will soon be here bringing more pilgrims on the Camino trails making their way to Santiago de Compostela. Living here we anticipate this time with great expectation and delight as we get these all but brief moments of breaks from the rain and sunshine blesses us with the promise of spring and a summer of pilgrims walking, biking, and horse back riding along The Way.

Rainy days are perfect times for curling up with a good book and having an adventure of the mind and spirit discovering other people’s journeys and exciting camino tales. Such will be my pleasure as again “synchronicity” blessed me with a wonderful surprise a gift from Kurt Koontz and his book A Million Steps.  Still feeling a “newbee” to facebook, blogging while living in the camino where there is a natural draw to nature and away from technology I happened to be quite lucky in reading what had been posted on the wall – just a few posts longer than usual – and there was Kurt’s most generous invitation and offer to gift his book. I was thrilled and so very grateful to Kurt for his most thoughtful and kind gift.  It will be an inspiration for me in continuing my Camino journey while living here and enjoying the Camino from green – GREEN GALICIA.  Here’s to enjoying the winter rain with a great new book – MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS KURT!!!

For more information of Kurt’s wonderful camino story and inspirational journey please visit: http://kurtkoontz.com

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