Camino Norte – A Special Art Treasure!



Along the Northern Way of the Camino in the town of Baamonde a wonderful little village with a famous history and Galician Sculptor – Victor Corral.  It was a very special day and wonderful adventure with my friend Marisa Granda Escudero who took me to this village and to meet this very kind and talented man. Victor shared with us a personal tour of his garden full of sculptures and his house where he works which is also a museum. If you are enjoying the Camino Norte or want to take a little side trip on your Camino this is a very special Galician Treasure awaiting your Discovery!

“The Northern Way, which passes along the Cantabrian Cornice, is as old as the French Way. During the Middle Ages, and due to the Muslim occupation of the majority of the Peninsula, the European kings used it to travel to Santiago in the safest way. To the extent that the Christian armies were pushing the Moors toward the south, the Northern Way ceded the lead to the French.”

“Leaving Vilalba, boundarystone marks the distance of  120 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela. This section of the Northern Way crosses lands irrigated by the rivers Magdalena, Trimaz and Labrada. In them can be seen lush river bank vegetation. Some parts of the route also cross forested regions.

The traveler passes through centers such as San Xoán de Alba, Saa and Ferreira. Baamonde, the end of the section, appears just afterwards. This village belongs to the municipality of Begonte and has various hospitality facilities.

In Baamonde, it is worthwhile to visit the parish church of Santiago, of transitional Romanesque style (13th century). The temple is watched over by a triple cross from the 18th century and a hollow chestnut tree with a sculpture inside it. Nearby are found the ruins of the fortress of Amarante, destroyed during the peasant revolts of the Middle Ages.

In Baamonde is also the house and museum of the local sculptor Víctor Corral, who works with such Galician materials as granite and wood.”- LUGO TERRA de todo natural

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