Walk With A SMILE!!!

The Camino Spirit In Every Step!!! Pilgrims from around the world come together and share in a unique journey – a collaboration of spirits – as they make their way to Santiago de Compostela.  With each step new feelings, emotions and experiences are created adding to the special memories of a lifetime that will be […]

Sunshine & Spring Beginnings On The Camino

Sunshine mixed with cool breezes and the typical Galician change of weather reminds pilgrims to be prepared for all seasons on the camino.  Big puffy clouds with blue sky peaking through and the signs of spring flowers making their first attempts to bloom you can feel THE CAMINO CALLING YOU! Spring is a perfect time […]

Cospeito – Another CAMINO Primitivo Adventure

  Galicia is a land of many CAMINOS – anywhere and everywhere there is a little village or town inviting you to visit and DISCOVER.  Discover and enjoy its history, culture, art, architecture, and beautiful landscapes.  You will always enjoy and be surprised with something beautiful, unique and NEW! Pazo de Sistallo – Castelo do […]