Walk With A SMILE!!!

The Camino Spirit In Every Step!!!

Pilgrims from around the world come together and share in a unique journey – a collaboration of spirits – as they make their way to Santiago de Compostela.  With each step new feelings, emotions and experiences are created adding to the special memories of a lifetime that will be forever be with us. Having transformed us in ways that can be hard to put into words at times but the expressions on our faces from SMILES of happiness to tears releasing old fears and blocked pain make for a truly incredible healing and feeling adventure.

All around we see signs of those that have passed before us. From their footsteps that still leave their prints on the trail before us. To the wonderful stone sculptures where at one time a tiny rock pile started by a single pilgrim greeted another and inspired the next stone to be placed on top. So to is it with our pilgrim stories and connections that inspire not only ourselves to continue on our journey but to encourage others to make their own camino travels.

In all directions there is something BEAUTIFUL, AWE INSPIRING, and MAGICAL for us to take in and for each a special memory is created.  The camino helps us to reflect on life, the lives we have lived, inspire dreams for our futures and look on the past in unique ways.  Have fun looking all around and also behind you as you camino for their are your SPECIAL SIGNS waiting to be found!

Wishing everyone Bo Camiño!!!

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