Camino Provides Clarity



The CAMINO provides many gifts – the journey – the experience – the bonding of friendships – the DREAMING and CREATING of new life desires and purposes and much – MUCH – MORE! The Camino is the perfect combination of time with self, time with others, and our bonding with NATURE! Wishing everyone a very Special and Blessed CAMINO Sunday wherever you are!

Hope you enjoy the inspirational thoughts of Spiritual Awakenings:”Focus less on what you need to do and more on what you need to be. ~ Be Clear ~ Clarity is one of the most important keys to manifesting what you want. If your thoughts aren’t clear, then the Universe doesn’t know how or what to give you.” – Spiritual Awakenings.

For more inspirational pictures and reflections please visit Spiritual Awakenings Facebook page:ॐ/105433989565465?hc_location=stream

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