You Can See It In Their Eyes & Smiles



As we prepare for German’s Rexistro 108 Vilei Exhibition in the Parador, June 5, 2013 at 7 PM – I have been thinking of my time meetings pilgrims and hearing their stories.  I am always captivated and moved by the intense sharing of their thoughts, feelings and reflections on the Camino and what they are experiencing.  There is always something amazing in their eyes and smiles as they share their stories.

This was an especially memorable day for me as it was my first experience at German’s historic family house in Vilei where he had just begun documenting the pilgrims as they passed by his house (summer 2011).  It was wonderful to invite the pilgrims to join us for a little camino party – a picture, an afternoon toast and Barbecoa (BBQ) and camino stories.  It was this wonderful day, thank you to Dimas Gonzales, Santiago de Compostela Film Commissioner, for the introduction to German that led to me living and experiencing more of the Camino and Galicia. It has been an experience and adventure of a lifetime.



Picture of Marc De Vulpillieres Pilgrim from France and German (friend of German Limeres)

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