Camino Provides A Unique Space For Thinking & Creating


The Camino provides a unique space to stop learning from our regular patterns of behaviors. We are out of our normal element and have time to reflect to open up to thinking about life in a truly different and unique way.  Jacob Barnett, now 14 year old prodigy, with an IQ  higher than Einstein shares that this is where many of the worlds great breakthroughs came from,  “Stop learning – Start Thinking & Creating”.  This provides a space that opens a GATEWAY to your own personal revelations, inspirations, and creations that can touch and transform our world for the better.

TEDx Talk by 14-Year-Old with Higher IQ Than Einstein (VIDEO)

“Jacob Barnett is an American mathematician and child prodigy. At 8 years old, Jacob began sneaking into the back of college lectures at IUPUI. After being diagnosed with autism since the age of two and placed in his school’s special ed. program, Jacob’s teachers and doctors were astonished to learn he was able to teach calculus to college students.

At age nine, while playing with shapes, Jacob built a series of mathematical models that expanded Einstein’s field of relativity. A professor at Princeton reviewed his work and confirmed that it was groundbreaking and could someday result in a Nobel Prize. At age 10, Jacob was formally accepted to the University as a full-time college student and went straight into a paid research position in the field of condensed matter physics. For his original work in this field, Jacob set a record, becoming the world’s youngest astrophysics researcher. His paper was subsequently accepted for publication by Physical Review A, a scientific journal shared on sites such as NASA, the Smithsonian, and Harvard’s webpage. Jacob’s work aims to help improve the way light travels in technology.

Jacob is also CEO and founder of Wheel LLC, a business he started in his mom’s garage, and is in the process of writing a book to help end “math phobia” in his generation.

Jacob’s favorite pastime is playing basketball with the kids at his charity, Jacob’s Place. It is a place where kids with autism are inspired every day to be their true authentic selves…just like Jacob.” – Samuel Warde (May 23, 2013)

Thank you Timothy J O’Connor for your Facebook post that inspired today’s blog.

YOUTUBE VIDEO – click link below

Jacob Barnett – IQ Higher Than Einstein

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