Camino Inspires Inner Balance

  Everyone who experiences the Camino de Santiago has their own personal reasons – their own inner desire to discover and enjoy – to heal –  There is something about this special time in nature that truly transforms. “Before befriending others, you have to be your own friend. Before correcting others, you have to correct […]

CAMINO Is The Best Metaphor For Living A Life Full Of Meaning!

    It is Memorial Day Weekend in USA and I am grateful for a new Facebook friendship of Paul and Deanna House.  We hear many times that once you do the Camino you will CAMINO for the rest of your life and also it is said that once you do the Camino your REAL […]

Full Moon & Eclipse – Celebrate Your Positive Shift!

The Sun is SHINING in Galicia – finally – a perfect new beginning this morning for a very special day on the camino.  Enjoy this evening looking up into the night’s sky and sharing in a special Full Moon and Eclipse bringing all a Positive Shift! “Tonight’s Full Moon (10:25p.m. MST) and the Eclipse at […]

Camino Journey To Santiago – Alicia Wszelaki

  The Camino inspires in so many ways – its history, tradition, the culture and experience all incredible and personal to each persons spirit.  Every visual expression of the camino is an invitation to camino again or take your first adventure to Spain – which we know will be one of many for once you […]

An Unlikely Camino Couple – A Dog & Cat

  A Special 5 Year Camino! For those who have experienced the camino and those that are preparing the time spent with others is a very special and wonderful part of the camino experience – here this great dog and cat have been sharing the camino spirit in a very special way! Look carefully in […]

Santiago Is Alive With Music & Celebration

  A Little Traditional Spanish Music For You To Enjoy In Santiago! I Remember a very special memory almost two years ago when I arrived again in Santiago de Compostela and was blessed to share in a wonderful evening of music and celebration. The Tuna De Derecho Santiago De Compostela Musical Group were relaxing and […]

Walking The Camino – ¡Buen Camino! – Lydia B Smith

  Lydia B Smith’s movie: The Camino Documentary (Walking the Camino) will be playing in Santiago June 6th in Santiago de Compostela.  Will be a special event and screening during the 1st Camino Film & Television Festival June 3 – 7, 2013. Hope you can join us and share in this special CAMINO Experience!    

25,000 Miles On Foot For World Peace

    Personal Transformation & Inspiration!   “During the preparation period I wasn’t fully identifying with the real me, I was just learning. I was very forgiving toward others, that was no problem, but I was very unforgiving toward myself. If I did something that wasn’t the highest, I would say to myself, “You ought […]

Camino & Charity

A Unique Camino Experience & A Way To Give Back Bonnie and Krishna Arora have been walking the Camino for more than 10 years a journey which was inspired after Bonnie read an article in the Union – Tribune in San Diego their hometown. “This pilgrimage has affected our whole retired life,” Bonnie said. “It […]

Luiza’s Final Camino

Living on the Camino we are blessed with hearing so many special stories that move and inspire. We heard of Luiza’s husband  Garry and her son Stephen walking the camino in her honor and were touched deeply. “Luiza Kraner from Australia who was living in Houston, Texas, had walked the Camino de Santiago seven times along many […]